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10 Powerful Ways to Pause... in God’s Presence

As many people around the world remain on the stay-at-home order during this pandemic, it is easy to feel as life is at a standstill. Some believers are growing weary, stagnant and disheartened! There is no time for that Church! It is time to wake up and expectantly wait on the Lord! This is not the time to give up and give in to distractions and hopelessness!

God always used the dry and unexpected times to reveal His glory and power on the earth. He is looking for His children to rise up during this time and receive His strategy for the outpouring of revival that is about to be unleashed around the world. He is looking for voices to loudly proclaim their unshakable faith during the great shaking that is happening right now. It’s time to praise Him for His grace, mercy and favor upon us as we are living in this very moment to share the Gospel, call ourselves and others to repentance and prepare for an outpouring of revival like the world has never seen, as we eagerly awaited the return of Jesus!

How can we do that during this pandemic?

We need to pause... in His Presence.

God is using this pause, this short time, to clean us up, reset us and prepare us for the next season.

Here are 10 confessions from Psalm 62:5-8 (TPT) we can pray as we pause… in His presence.

1. I am standing in absolute stillness, silent before the one I love, waiting as long as it takes for Him to rescue me.

Go before God to your secret place of prayer. Focus your attention, heart, mind and spirit on Almighty God. Feel His Presence as He makes Himself know to you. Express your great love for Him by being still in His Presence.

2. Only God is my Savior, and He will not fail me.

Praise Him for His unfailing love and promises. We need to take this time to repent for any areas where we blamed God for the bad things happening, and reignite our trust in Him.

3. For He alone is my safe place. His wrap-around presence always protects me as my champion defender.

Remember that God is with us always, even when everything around us is out of control. He will defend and protect us against the attacks of the enemy, because we already have the victory in Jesus.

4. There’s no risk of failure with God!

The government may fail, people may fail, but those who trust in the Lord have the unshakable faith that with God on our side, we cannot fail!

5. So why would I let worry paralyze me, even when troubles multiply around me?

Read and live out Psalm 91! There is no fear in God. We are sons and daughters of the Most High God! We know who we are and Whose we are! We need to repent for any fear that has gripped our hearts and keep our eyes on Jesus.

6. God’s glory is all around me!

As we pause in His Presence, His glory fills every area of our lives. Our spiritual senses are tuned in to His hand in everything taking place, and we receive a deeper revelation of how God is using His glory and power to once again take what the enemy used to bring death and destruction and use it for His good.

7. His wrap-around presence is all I need, for the Lord is my Savior, my hero, and my life-giving strength.

Pausing in His presence will replace our weariness with His strength, and the world’s fear with Kingdom courage. His Presence brings life and healing to all of the dead and broken areas in our lives.

8. Join me, everyone! Trust only in God every moment!

As we pause in His Presence, surrender to and trust in God for every area of our lives, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to give us His wisdom, discernment and knowledge for every moment of every day!

9. Tell Him all your troubles and pour out your heart-longings to Him.

God knows everything about us, but longs for each of us to pause in His presence and share our hearts, dreams, cares and concerns. As we share with Him, He will give us His perspective, insight and strategies. He will reveal His heart and plans in His perfect timing. Pausing in His presence assure us that when He is ready to speak, we are positioned to listen!

10. Believe me when I tell you—He will help you!

He wants to use us this very moment to reach others for His Kingdom. However, we cannot pour from an empty and broken vessel. Each day let’s pause in His Presence and allow Him to heal us, strengthen us, restore us and fill us with a fresh anointing so we can pour out what God prepared for us to others!

People without the hope of Jesus are watching us. This is not the time to give up or give in to Satan’s schemes of apathy, lethargy and worldly distraction. Pause… in His presence now and every day with extraordinary faith because God is ready to us mightily for worldwide revival!

Dr. Meg Hart founded Restored Women in 2015 and Restored Global in 2018, both ministries birthed into her heart from God as a result of the great revelation, redirection and restoration she experienced through Jesus.

She is an ordained pastor through Global Ministries and Relief Inc. and holds an EdD in Performance Improvement from Capella University

She is the proud mother of one daughter, Mackenzie, and serves at Life Church in Williamstown, New Jersey.

She recently published her first book,

Falling in Love Again: Redirecting Your Earthly Rejection to Eternal Restoration by Learn more:

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