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The 1990’s Gold Charm Holder Parable

During my freshman year of high school, I was given a gold charm necklace. I had collected gold charms throughout the year and wore the necklace every day.

One day when I came home from school I saw that the charm holder was missing off of my chain. I was so upset. I went back to the school the next day and frantically looked everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. Day after day, I searched for it, and day after day, I came home without it.

I eventually had to make a choice. I could spend of all of my spare time searching for it, or I could simply ask God to help me find it and go about my day in peace. I chose the latter. God knew the jewelry was special to me. I could not spend my days digging through the dirt or searching every square foot of space to find it; I simply had to trust that God would one day restore what was lost.

Year after year went by. Every once in a while, I thought of my charm holder and thanked God that one day I would find it. However, I was no longer dwelling on the loss because I had released it to God and moved on.

My senior year of high school, I was outside at school. Some kids were playing kickball nearby. The ball came toward me and kicked up some dirt right by my feet. I went to grab the ball to throw it back to the kids and when I looked down, up from the ground was my gold charm holder! I was so happy! Even though years had gone by, and it appeared it might never turn up, God, in His awesome kindness and faithfulness answered my simple prayer of faith that one day it would be found.

What are you trusting God for right now?  Have you been waiting a long time for the answer or breakthrough? Have you been frantically or obsessively trying to find the answers on your own? I encourage you to once and for all, give your situations to God. Do not spend you whole lives trying to figure out how you’re going to find what is missing.

God has the answers, and if they fall within His good and perfect will for your life or situation,

He will work it out. Once you pray and release it to God, rather than wait in anxiety, fear, doubt, or hopelessness, and no matter how long it takes, thank Him for the answer or provision and go about your life serving Him and being productive. In His time, all will be revealed, restored and provided.

Reflect What are you trusting God for right now? Salvation for a loved one? Healing? Job? Finances? Have you been trying to find the answers on your own terms or allowed obsession, anxiety or impatience to stand in the way of God moving on your behalf? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you any areas and write them down.

Meditate Read the following scriptures, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the life lessons you can apply to your life right now:

Psalm 27:14 Proverbs 3:5-6 Isaiah 30:18 Micah 7:7

Act Focus on what you need to release and give to God so that you can live your life as productively as possible. Pray, release then continually thank God for the breakthrough. He has the answers, so do not stress or worry. Never give up hope, but do not try and force something to reveal itself or turn up. Go about your business of serving Him and in His time, He will reveal, provide and restore because He loves you and wants good things for you!

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