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The Baby Alien Head Miracle Parable

The day I found out I was going to be a mom was one of the happiest moments of my life. I never felt such peace and joy. For the nine months I carried my sweet daughter in my womb, I faithfully and steadfastly prayed for her and spoke words of life over her. I had already named her before she even came into the world. I knew in my spirit that I would one day have a little girl and would name her Mackenzie. I could not wait for the moment she would be in my arms and we would take on the world together.

Little did I know that that world would come crashing down. During labor, I unexpectedly had complications and needed an emergency C-Section. Unbeknownst to me, Mackenzie had suffered major trauma during labor and, her head was severely disfigured and she had several seizures. They had wrapped her up and taken her away so fast I barely had a moment to kiss her sweet face and was not fully aware until I was in recovery that the situation was critical. When I was able to fully comprehend the seriousness of her condition I was devastated. The doctors came in and said that they would have to immediately have to transfer her to a critical care hospital. They wheeled her incubator into my room and she was connected to so many wires and tubes. I could only briefly touch her little hand and they took her away. The little blessing I longed for so long was being taken away without much hope of her survival.

They explained that during labor she suffered major injuries to her head and the disfiguration was one of the worst they saw. They needed to get the swelling down and the seizures under control. Once she was transferred I begged and begged them to allow me to be transferred as well. I could not bear the thought of not being able to see her or be near her.

Finally, one bed opened up and they arranged transfer for me. However, during transit, I contracted an infection and same down with a high fever. They had to treat me for a few days and I could go near her. I wasn’t even able to hold my own baby for days. It was one of the lowest moments of my life. I was finally able to really see her. They wheeled me into the infant care unit and there was my sweet Mackenzie. Her head was extremely swollen and disfigured and truly looked like something out of an alien movie, but her face was like an angel. I begged God to save and heal her. I stood on every prayer I prayed while I carried her, and I leaned on and cherished every prayer that went up with her while I couldn’t utter the words.

The doctors informed us that Mackenzie would need multiple surgeries and the neurosurgeon said it was one of the worst cases of head trauma and disfiguration he had ever seen. They said she would more than likely suffer many physical challenges and that she may need to be on the anti-seizure medicine and extra care for years.

It was easy in those moments to lose hope and wonder where God was in all of this. I did not understand. I kept going back to all of the prayers and promises of God I faithfully prayed for my daughter without ceasing. How could this all be happening? One day, when I was holding her and gently rubbing her head, it hit me. God was always there; He did not ignore my prayers. The devil tried to kill her and destroy her. He tried to shake my faith. God had placed the right doctor during the shift change to know that there was something very wrong and saved her life. Things may not have initially turned out the way I thought it would be, but God did answer my prayers. She was alive and a fighter and I could not give up praying and believing.

Every day she was in the infant care unit I would gently touch her alien shaped head and would speak words of life. Weeks later when she came home I would rub her little alien shaped head and would speak words of life. I did not believe the negative reports of the doctors, and everyone who loved and cared for her continued to speak words of life. Little by little, I began to see that alien head reshape. It took months, and even when the specialist would give me a bad report I spoke out loud every promise I prayed over her life and each day she was getting better and better.

Miraculously, she recovered fully, was taken off the seizure medicine and never needed one single surgery. The doctors were amazed. I cannot tell you the process was easy, and there were many times I thought hope was lost. However, God always moves through the power of prayer, and in the moments I thought He wasn’t answering them, He truly was. He saved her life and strengthened my faith in the midst of this painful time. He completely healed and restored her, and today as I am writing this, she is a beautiful, healthy, godly, sweet and amazing faith-filled young lady who has and is going to fulfill all that God has for her life.

If you are reading this and are in the midst of trials, tragedy or what seem to be impossible circumstances, I encourage you to keep standing on the promises of God no matter what you see in the natural. In the natural, I saw an alien head. In my spirit, I saw my daughter as a mighty woman for God. I am forever grateful to God for saving her, and for the many prayers that went up for her. She is a living testimony of the amazing grace and power of God through prayer and faith. The same God is ready to transform your situation into a testimony today.

Reflect What are you or a loved one facing right now that seems like an impossible situation? What is taking place in your life that you have steadfastly and faithfully prayed over, yet it seems in the natural that it is hopeless? What is your alien head experience? Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and write any thoughts down.

Meditate Read the following scriptures, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the life lessons you can apply to your life right now as you face these challenges: Luke 1:37 Matthew 19:26 Jeremiah 32:17 Ephesians 3:20 Mark 11:24

Act Determine that no matter what you see, hear or face, that you will stand on the promises of God’s Word. Find people who will stand, pray and speak words of life into your situation. Do not give up. God hears your prayers and will move as you place your trust and hope in Him. He will turn these tests into testimonies if you do not give up.

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