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The Chicken Parable Part 2

In last week’s parable, I painted a mental picture of you chewing on a half dead chicken. This wasn’t a pleasant thought I’m sure. However, next time we want to attack one another with hateful, unkind and judgmental words that is exactly what you are doing.

If you see someone about to cross into a dangerous path or get snatched into the enemy’s grasp that inevitable will lead to their destruction, what do you do? Do you sit in silence so that you do not hurt their feelings? Do you encourage them onward because everyone has to choose what makes them happy? What if the chicken represented your own child? How would you respond when they crossed the line of protection into danger? Even worse, how would you respond if you saw others eating them alive with gossip and hurtful words?  

As believers of Christ it is our call and responsibility to proclaim the truth. Stop!!! Do not cross over! Danger!!!! We can start gently and beckon the person back. However, once they keep heading toward destruction it is time to get loud and bold!

If you check out YouTube, you can check out the way chickens make a distress call when there is trouble. It alerts the other surrounding chickens and before you know it, the chicken about to head toward the path of destruction cannot help but hear it. The chickens in the safety of their coop were awake and alert, and could identify danger. Whether it was an oncoming car, a hawk about to swoop down, or a predator, the sound of a chicken’s distress call is one that is hard to ignore.  However, if the chickens were preoccupied and could not sense the danger about to happen to their comrade, then they would remain silent. The lost and wandering chicken is then about to become the next road kill or meal.

If the alarm is sounded and it is steadfast, even if the chicken chooses its own destiny and becomes hurt, the chickens’ owner will hear the call for help. He or she will find the injured bird and gently pick it up to try to save and nurture it back to health.

If you are the wounded chicken, sound the distress alarm yourself, even if nobody else will. God is ready to help and deliver you back to fullness, health and restoration. He will pick you up in His loving arms and carry you back to safety.

The loud, intentional and persistent call is our prayers and proclaiming the Truth of God’s Word. The owner is God who responds to the prayers of His people. The chickens represent us, who have free wills to choose to stay in the safety of God’s protection or wander off to areas of danger and wind up hurt. The chickens in the coop were believers who need to stay awake and alert to pray and to communicate in love, yet with urgency if they see others leave the their protected shelter and start to wander.

Sadly, many people will die spiritually if we are silent, preoccupied or worse playing a part in causing pain by pecking them to death with our words. God is ready to move and save, deliver, heal and heal the broken back to life. He would rather have the prayers of Hs people come up before it is too late and before the damage is done. We are His mouthpieces and need to take ownership of the lost as if they were our own children.


Can you identify with any of these chickens? Are you a passive and silent chicken? Are you a too busy to pray chicken?  Pray and ask God to show you any areas that you need His help so that you can sound the alarm. If you are a wandering chicken, take this message as a loud alert and cry out for help. God is ready to save and deliver you!


Read the following verses, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you truth and journal your thoughts:

Ephesians 4:25

Matthew 26:41

1 Peter 5:8

Titus 2:11-14

Ezekiel 33:8

Psalm 34:17


We are living in times where danger and temptation surrounds us daily. Be vigilant to pray, speak the truth in love yet urgency, and be ready to passionately call out to God when someone is in danger and hurt. People can choose their own way and will reap their own consequences, but you are doing a great disservice remaining passive, silent or preoccupied when they are heading down destruction. Eternity is at stake, and you will be held accountable for the part you played. If you have wandered off, cry out for help and allow God to heal your wounds and bring you back to a place of safety.

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