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The Mommom Stella Parable

Throughout my 42 years on this earth, the one person who has stood out to me as one of the most Christ-like and tangible examples of God’s unconditional love and servitude is my Mommom Stella. She has always demonstrated love, grace, forgiveness, mercy and selflessness to everyone in her life. She is almost 90 year-old, and she still serves with the same love and care as when I was a little girl.

Life has not always been kind to her, and many times she is in great physical pain. She has faced many hardships and many disappointments. However, she always forgives and tries to see the best in everyone. She is merciful, generous, caring and always wants to serve, no matter how she feels. I always come and go from her home feeling loved and special. I try to do what I can to help her and serve her as well. However, if it is within her reach and capability she will tell me to sit down and will serve me. She prepares me the perfect meal every time I visit! She loves her family unconditionally no matter what, and she is always waiting by the door to see us off and make sure we are okay.

Every moment with her is so special. She has taught me much through her example. She lives to serve. She loves the people in her life no matter what. She pushes through the pain each day and strives to make the most of each moment.

Jesus during His time on this earth lived each day to serve. He poured everything to the disciples He could with the time He had with them. He set the perfect example as One who served others and pushed through the pain and disappointments on this earth.

Here was God almighty who put Himself in a human body through His Son Jesus, and felt the pain we feel. He knew He was going to be betrayed, denied and abandoned by His followers. He felt fatigue and pain and disappointment. However He took each moment He had to serve those He loved before giving the greatest sacrifice of all—His very life so everyone who believed could have eternal life. He paved the way for the disciples and apostles to teach and demonstrate to others to serve and love.

As I reflect on my life and the example placed before me by my sweet Mommom, I thank God for each opportunity I can learn from her, and for each opportunity I can learn from Jesus through His Word in the areas of servitude. Just like Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, my grandmother cares for and serves those she loves not only with her perfect meals but also through patience, forgiveness, mercy and grace.

The years I have had the honor of spending with her thus far have been ones I will cherish forever. She has given me a glimpse of Jesus with each moment spent, and I thank God for each moment we share. She awaits many eternal rewards for her demonstration of God’s love on this earth. Through the examples of Jesus and the people like my Mommom Stella I have had the honor to learn from, I strive to live my life and the remaining time I am given as a legacy of service to those I love.


Who were/are the people in your life who set Christ-like examples? How do/did they love you unconditionally, and serve you? How can you apply their character traits to your own life? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you and write them down.


Read the following scriptures, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the life lessons you can apply to your life right now:

Psalm 145:4 Matthew 20:28 John 13:1-17


Focus on loving and serving others like Christ. Spend time in His Word and journal the examples He demonstrated throughout His ministry and strive to be that servant to others.

Take a few moments to thank God for the people in your life, past or present, which have exemplified Christ and continue in their Godly heritage!

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