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The Stage Helper to Pageant Queen Parable

When I was around 13 years-old, I competed in my first pageant. Of course, I went into the process totally blind and entered a huge pageant with about 1000 girls and was completely overwhelmed and unprepared. Needless to say I left there empty-handed.

I didn’t let that experience get me down. I realized that I could not simply “arrive” and expect a crown. I left there with the drive and determination that I would learn all I needed to and would not enter another pageant until I was prepared and ready.

I heard there was local pageant and I inquired if I could be a stage assistant. For 3 years I worked behind the scenes, helping the girls with their costume changes, assisting the directors with whatever they needed backstage, watching and observing the contestants throughout the whole process. The directors of the pageant took time over the years to coach me and gave me many opportunities to help, learn and grow and the older girls were appreciative of my help and gave me much good advice.

During those years the tasks were not glamorous and I was behind the curtain, but on the inside of me I was learning how to be a pageant queen. I was learning how to walk, talk and act like a queen. The best coaching I had was to learn and serve behind the scenes over and over again.

When I was finally old enough to enter the local pageant I came out from behind the curtain to the front of the stage. I befriended some wonderful girls and we had a great time. I won first runner up that year. There were still areas I needed to brush up and improve upon. Rather on focusing on the fact I didn’t win the crown again, I spent the year in preparation with the help of my directors and the winner who became a great friend and role model. Again I learned from someone who was already a queen.That next year I worked extremely hard on my public speaking and piano skills. I practiced every aspect of the competition day and night.

Finally the night of the pageant arrived, and after 4 years of preparation behind the scenes and the rest of the time, practicing, growing and observing, I knew deep down inside that this time I was ready.

The night was so amazing and fun, and when the moment was about to approach for them to announce the winner, I felt such peace and happiness inside. When they called my name and my family and friends were cheering and screaming with delight, it was one of the happiest days of my life.

I looked at the directors who gave me the opportunity to learn and grow over the years. I look at the previous winners, especially my friend who was now crowning me, and was so grateful for their examples and advice.

It took time, but through patience, persistence and training I went from being the stage assistant to the pageant queen.

Sometimes in life we want to instantly “arrive” at our calling or destiny. Maybe it’s that affluent job, or preaching at a mega church or becoming famous. There is never anything wrong with aspiring to greatness. However, we need to take the time to prepare, train, learn from those more mature or skilled then us and patiently wait for God’s timing. When the time is right and if it is God’s good and perfect will, we will achieve what we set out to do.

Sometimes we need to be behind the scenes and watch and grow by reading God’s Word, spending time in prayer and serve or support those who can be positive role models and mentors. We might not be the leaders or the preachers or up front and center initially. However, when God is ready to move based on our obedience and willingness during this time of preparation, the final outcome will bring us such  honor and blessings we will hardly be able to contain it!

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn and grow from a stage helper to a pageant queen. Years later, I am blessed and happy to serve in any way God asks because I know I am always learning and being prepared for something greater than I can ever imagine! He will do the same for you if you allow Him!

Reflect What are your life goals? Do you find yourself growing impatient and  wanting to always be in the spotlight or the center of attention? Do you know you need to accomplish a goal, and need to be better prepared? Do you want to be as prepared and ready as you can to fulfill the call God has on your life? Write down any thoughts.

Meditate Read the following scriptures, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the life lessons you can apply to your life right now:

Genesis 37-47-The Story of Joseph

Exodus through Joshua-Look at key verses on Joshua as the servant and assistant to Moses and how over the years he transitioned into his leadership role and calling.

Act Strive to use each moment of serving, waiting and learning as preparation for your call and destiny. Your best source of preparation is time in God’s Word and praying. Find people more mature and skilled than you are and take the time needed to learn and grow from them. God has a great plan for each and every one of you. Determine today you will whatever it takes to fulfill that plan, even if it means being behind the scenes for a while. God will call you out front and honor you in due time!

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