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The Transformed Modular Home Parable

Years ago, on my way to church, I would drive by this small modular home on a large lot of land. It looked almost out of place next to the sprawling homes next to it. It didn’t look like it had a whole lot of potential. It was very plain, and did not look complete. It looked that way for a long time. I often wondered if it was a neglected or abandoned project.

However, year after year there were small improvements made and additions enhanced to this home. As time went on, the house really started to have some character. They added siding and a new roof. Later they added a wraparound porch, and started working on the landscaping. The changes did not happen overnight, but rather little by little and step-by-step.

The builder obviously could not do all of the enhancements in one shot. Each change and each improvement came with a cost, and took much time for it to be just right. One day, when I drove by again, it was complete and looked more amazing than any of the surrounding houses. Initially, nobody would have ever guessed that the house would end up as grand and beautiful. However, patience, endurance, perseverance and hard work made this simple, unassuming house a home admired by many, including me.

You may look at your life and do not see much potential. You may feel like you do not have all the bells and whistles like others around you. You may feel incomplete and insignificant. However, there is a Master Builder, Jesus Christ, who sees great promise in the final product. As you are designed in His image and plan, it takes time to work on each area. Some things may need to be torn down; other things may have to be rebuilt.

However, step-by-step as He lovingly and patiently works on you, people begin to see evident changes. Your Master Builder also paid for you with the ultimate price, His life, so that you could be recreated and designed the way God always intended.

Once the structure is strong and secure, He begins to include enhancements and additions so you really stand out. The fruits of the spirit which are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control landscape your structure, and all who see you see a complete, beautiful, unique and amazing home where your Heavenly Father now abides.

People notice and like the difference and want what you have. You can now share what took place for you and help many others who feel like they were worthless, neglected or abandoned because the Master Builder has time to work on them all.

Reflect Do you feel like or know someone who may feel like the incomplete house I mentioned? Do you feel like there are areas that need a redesign? Have there been changes and upgrades in your life since you gave your life to Jesus you can be thankful for? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you any areas and write them down.

Meditate Read the following scriptures, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the life lessons you can apply to your life right now: 2 Corinthians 5:22 Galatians 5:22-23 Ephesians 2:10 Philippians 1:6

Act Focus on the changes you desire and patiently allow Jesus to have His way in your remodel and design. If you use Him as your foundation and allow Him to tear down the areas needed and transform you into all He wants, you be a home where God will want to dwell and will attract many others to you to bring the hope of Jesus into their lives!

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